Aeocsim connect command line arguments

I'm in the process of implementing changes to our companys workspace to get Connect Edition running.

We have previously had a very simple method of running Aecosim V8i, the only thing we did was setting a Windows System Variable (_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT) to the network folder where the workspace was, and everything was running nicely.

This isn't working anymore,as _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT is not the same anymore.

First thing therefore was undefining this Windows System variable, and instead running V8i with command line switch "-wrM:\Microstation\Workspace\".

V8i still working the same way as before, which is a nice thing.

My question now is, can I do the same thing with Connect Edition?

The purpose would be the same, the program shouldn't look for the 2 configuration files ConfigurationSetup.cfg and WorkSpaceSetup.cfg on a local drive, but on the network.

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  • ConfigurationSetup.cfg seems to be dynamic. I haven't read about that before, but your last reply specificly says so.
    This is the first time I have experienced that from Bentley. Just wonder what happens if you open 2 files from different workspaces / worksets...

    The instance that was opened first would continue to operate with the variables, etc. as set by the WorkSpace/WorkSet selection when the file was opened.

    The last instance to close would be the last to write to ConfigurationSetup.cfg.

    However, you only have one Configuration location: M:/Microstation/Workspace_Connect/Configuration/ so the configuration statements would not be changed unless the second user switched to the Example project on the C:\drive.

    If you check (when ABD is closed!) that your ConfigurationSetup.cfg contains the text listed above, when you open the ABD it will open in the Examples. Change the WorkSpace to your own, open a file then close ABD and see what has been written to ConfigurationSetup.cfg.

    WorkSpaceSetup.cfg apparently must be on the local drive, and not on the network drive.
    Just to make sure that I didn't screw the configuration, here are the active contents from my local WorkSpaceSetup.cfg

    MY_ORGANIZATION_LOCATION = M:/Microstation/Workspace_Connect/Organization/
    MY_WORKSPACES_LOCATION = M:/Microstation/Workspace_Connect/WorkSpaces/

    ConfigurationSetup.cfg will direct MicroStation or ABD to the network. Unless you want to change the name and/or location of the Organization and/or WorkSpaces folders you can leave WorkSpaceSetup.cfg in its delivered state with everything commented out.

    (I've asked development if we really need to have the options offered here in a separate file or if we can roll them into the Standards.cfg to simplify things a little.)