Aeocsim connect command line arguments

I'm in the process of implementing changes to our companys workspace to get Connect Edition running.

We have previously had a very simple method of running Aecosim V8i, the only thing we did was setting a Windows System Variable (_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT) to the network folder where the workspace was, and everything was running nicely.

This isn't working anymore,as _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT is not the same anymore.

First thing therefore was undefining this Windows System variable, and instead running V8i with command line switch "-wrM:\Microstation\Workspace\".

V8i still working the same way as before, which is a nice thing.

My question now is, can I do the same thing with Connect Edition?

The purpose would be the same, the program shouldn't look for the 2 configuration files ConfigurationSetup.cfg and WorkSpaceSetup.cfg on a local drive, but on the network.

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