Connect / networked location of Datasets

Still in the process of setting up Aecosim Connect I've run into a problem when trying to setup our networked company workspace.

So far I was able to configure my PC that it reads configuration files from the network.

The problem I have now is that I am unable to define the correct location of the datasets.

  • TF_DATASETS points to the local drive.
    By doing a little research I found out that this variable is defined in the program folder that way:

  • _TF_WORKSPACEROOT also points to a local folder
    The local definition of this variable is:

  • _USTN_CONFIGURATION points to our network drive.

So in theory _TF_WORKSPACEROOT should point to our network drive, which is doesn't

On assuming that something isn't working, I have defined _TF_WORKSPACEROOT in the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file in that way.

%lock _TF_WORKSPACEROOT = M:/Microstation/Workspace_Connect/Configuration/

The funny thing now is, that this doesn't change anything - the variable still points to a local drive.

Any ideas?

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