Parametric Cell Studio vs Frame builder how to open

When we analyse an element in building element info we get a tab for parametric which we have a button to edit.

How do I control which parametric app opens. 

If I click edit mostly it open the element in Parametric cell studio (which I am not to familiar with because I cant fine quality tutorials) but sometimes the same element will open Parametric Frame builder.

How can I have control over what app opens?

  • Hi Steve & Dennis
    Thank you both for your response especially Steves prompt reply which was very helpful.
    Dennis suspicion sense is powerful as that is indeed what I wished to do. By changing the value in that field I was hoping to be able to edit any file within Framebuilder, which I can handle, instead of Parametric Cell Studio which seems a brilliant tool but I am just not used to it yet.
    I too have just come back to AECOsim after a few years absence. I do like what I see but it has been somewhat challenging as it differs from Triforma which I was used to.
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