Has the "elevation angle" parameter for a line changed in Connect Edition?

For site design of disabled accessible surfaces, we created a simple cell that would report the "elevation angle" of a line, using a field to capture the angle parameter of the line.  In radians format, this angle is equivalent to the dimensionless slope for angles under about ten percent, making it perfect for labeling the slope of a ramp, for instance (0.0833) . 

In SS6, this cell worked correctly, as the elevation angle was measured from the XY plane.   This has apparently changed in CE U3,  In the same file, the elevation angle now appears to incorporate the value of North somehow-- maybe by adding in the reciprocal (!)-- making it unusable.  I was unable to adjust North to correct it however....

Is there a new way to calculate the elevation angle?  Why would North affect an elevation parameter?  Perhaps there is a better way to report the slope of a line directly. 

Please advise


CE U3   

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