From OpenPlant' DGN to IFC with AECOsim

Hi everyone!

We are trying to convert a model from OpenPlant to IFC with AECOsim.

This should be pretty straightforward, because AECOsim reads the OpenPlant's elements propierties.

We have tried a few options here and there but with no effect. 

Here is the tank with the propierties from OpenPlant we want to export.


Steps followed:


2 - Exported as IFC 4 Reference View. Results: (NO DATA)

3 - Creating a new family / part (PLUMBING - TANK) and Mapping (no warnings at exporting)

4 - Same result and no DATA

5 - Adding an istance data (Catalog type and istance - Storage tank) and mapping Storage tank as IfcTank

It exports the istance data but not the data from the OpenPlant's model.

What are we missing here? Why does not the data from the element export to the ifc element?

What do we need to configure or map or do to make this happen? If you need more information don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards 

Fran Méndez

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  • Fran,

    1. The Application Data option is in Mstn's Drop Element tool. I am suggesting that it may help Navis import the dgn's if you simplify the dgn's before using the Navis import tool. I would also ungroup any orphan cells in Mstn.

    2. SR: I would submit ASAP. Your account manager will have access to a workaround, known issues database.

    3. Datalink: I was not very clear. If you publish an i.dgn from Openplant, you should be able to use the free i-ware ODBC tools to extract the attribute information as an excel file or .mdb. You should be able to use Navis Datatool link to re-attach the data using the GUID's or ElementID's.

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