AECOSIM CE4 - Mechanical Device Hookup not working

I am having issues with the Device Hookup tool. Previously in SS6 this would produce a temporary, single line path prior to confirmation of the route.

I'm not seeing this in CE4 and nothing happens when I left click to accept, in this case, the two ducts that I am trying to connect.

The condition is a simple one. Two ducts of identical size, in alignment but a different heights.

Obviously I'm missing something and would appreciate any guidance.

  • Hi Rodney,

    At my end, the Device Hookup tool doesn't seem to show any problem:

    Can you please make sure that there is enough room in routing for the selected fittings to be placed when you hook the ducts up?



    Answer Verified By: Steve Cocchi 

  • Satadal,

    Thank you for your response and advice.

    I have reproduced the demonstration that you included with your post and confirmed that it works at my end.

    You are probably correct in advising that the space between the two elements we are trying to hook up is too small.

    We don't use the mechanical workset that frequently but I am sure that there is a way to adjust the minimum tolerances to achieve what we need.

    Many thanks again