plumbing fittings

i have been working on 3d projects using aecosim and previous versions for some time

in all that time i have found the models i have worked on have the wrong fittings in or wrong materials

and this is because its know which library will place the pipe and fittings correctly

as an example if you are placing st gobain above ground drainage 100 dia pipe, then turn 90 deg, the software creates a 90 degree bend which is not a st gobain fitting

if you then set the catalog to st gobain, it chooses the short radius fitting with no other options

i know i can export to excel and edit each fitting separately and when i have the time i do exactly that

what my problem is, why create part of a library of fittings and in some cases, the fittings in it are dimensionally incorrect?

it would seem if you are working on a project you cannot use the software to draw the pipework route without checking each fitting for accuracy

as we are modelling services with an eye to materials take off, it would have made sense to be able to set a max length of pipe and automatic coupling

other problems with this package is getting the catalog right for the materials

is it intended that if you want a dimensionally correct model, you need to go through the entire catalog and edit them (where necessary)

can anyone explain which catalog name to use for these pipe types:


stainless steel

galvanised steel

carbon steel

black steel