editing the datagroup catalog

i have checked and this question was previously asked but not entirely sure about the answer

i want to go through the datagroup catalog for specific catalogs such as st.gobain: ensign & timesaver, victaulic and other mpipe types to include all the options for their fittings

  • when i go to the datagroup catalog editor, instances are listed but do not give the manufacturer type
  • i would like to create a full set of manufacturers fittings for a full range of pipework & ductwork types

my question is

  • if i was to add new catalog instances for manufacturer fittings, how do i protect that work from being overwritten on subsequent software updates
  • if i create new fittings for an entirely new manufacturer name would those fitings work together? ie if i place a pipe/duct using new catalog manufacturer, would the program find bends etc also added to the datagroup automatically?
  • if all that worked can i copy out the datagroup and use in other places of work? (if i change projecty or job)