Aecosim Energy Simulator - Radiance Engine (CEU4)

I am attempting to perform some daylighting calculations but am running into some strange configuration errors. 


As configuration explorer does not work on network installs I am unable to identify what files are changing the configuration when opening from Aecosim. 

The below DG System validator error does not occur in ABD. The DG_SCHEDULES_DIR is defined, so AES is messing that up, somehow??

Main issue though is the lack of radiance engine. 

There is next to no help on AES. Help for daylighting helpfully states -

 Note: In order to run Daylighting calculations in AECOsim Building Designer, you must download and install the Radiance simulation engine ( ).

but gives no information on where from. Why is this not included. I have searched the fulfilment centre and there are no related downloads so WTF?