DV'S Do Not Recognize Changes to Saved View

This used to work.

You create a DV that also creates a 2d plan where that DV is refereenced.  You annotate that Plan

Then things change and you add or remove reference files.  You "Save View" used for that DV

And the plans used to reflect the added reference file in my current case.

But now it does not and the only fix is to reattach that same DV that now knows the changes

The plan is now correct but all changes to the Grid and Rooms and Door Numbers have changed back to default

This used to work and does not now.  Checked on three different installations.

Wasting hours redoing work.

  • Hi Eric,

    Is this the same issue as SR 7000865642?   It looks like you added a note late yesterday similar to the above.

    Has anyone else come across DVs not displaying new reference attachments from the 3D Model?    Obviously cached views (default in CONNECT Edition) will not, but dynamic mode should.  

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