Is there a "Paste in Place" function?...

...or should I just stop trying to use AECOSim like Revit?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Max, depends what you are trying to do.

    The copy tool will pick up a element or selection of elements by the point that you choose, this point can then be used to snap to the target location.

    Ctrl + C followed by Ctrl + V will offer to paste the element (or selection) by centre point of a bounding box that encloses the element(s).

    In AECOsim the Icon Lock tool box can be used to toggle ACS Plane and ACS Plane Snap Locks on/off to fix or free the placement plane.

    Another technique is copying through from a reference file.

    Feel free to ask for more suggestions if you have particular situations in mind.



  • Another one.

    Use a tentative point to define the origin.

    Also possible via VBA. Maybe Marc or one of the other Bentley guys could do one?