Best way to add additional attributes?

The customer of one of our Projects requests additional attributes to each component in our 3D Model.

Our 3D Model is created with a mixture of elements.

Smart Solids (imported 3D Models from subsuppliers)

Feature Solid (existing standard parts created with V8i)

Parametric Solids (new parts created with CONNECT Edition)

AECOsim Catalog Items (Sturctural, ducts, pipings,etc.)

My first idea was to use Item Types but I need to export my 3D Model to DWG or IFC.

What I experienced is, that Item Types can not be exported to IFC and it won't be exported 100% to DWG.

Only AECOsim Catalog Items keeps the Item Types in DWG but now other elements. Have filed SR7000873901.

Maybe I could use DataGoup System for this, but I have now experience in creating own attributes.

But what do other users think what's the best way for additional attributes?

Thanks for your comments!



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