Selection with display rules


I've tested out the new display rules in Aecosim connect and it's a great way to filter out walls, slabs and so on when I try to focus on other stuff. But when I select elements, even though they are not seen, they get selected. Is this really the expected behavior? Seems it's very easy to make mistakes. 

Here I've created a rule to only display walls:

But even though I can only see about 5 selected elements, there are 210 other hidden elements. So when I chose no rule I can see al this, that I didn't see at the time of selection, got selected with my fence. 


  • Hi Robert,

    I cannot seem to reproduce this.  When I have a Display Rule hiding specific elements - concrete columns in my case - if a select an area (right-left cross/selection window) where those hidden columns exist but are hidden, they aren't included in the total count in the status bar (the visible elements are) and are not highlighted when I turn off the display rule while the other elements are still selected.    How exactly are you selecting the element(s)? 

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