Batch process on a list of files in a text file

I'd like to run a batch process on a list of files that gets generated from another application. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to automate this? I don't want to modify this to a bprc file as the text file changes daily however the name of the text file stays the same.


  • Hi Simon,

    the required steps to process a list with DGN files will include:

    - locate and open the file with list of DGN files
    - read each line and open the DGN file
    - execute the steps required for each DGN

    I have created the following VBA example following these steps:

    Option Explicit
    Sub processFiles()
    Dim sPath As String
    Dim sListName As String
    Dim sCurrentFile
        sCurrentFile = ActiveDesignFile.FullName
        ' hardcoded path to file with list of DGN:
        sListName = "D:\DGN\filelist.txt"
        Open sListName For Input As #1
        Do While Not EOF(1)
            Line Input #1, sPath
            sPath = Trim(sPath)
            If Len(Dir(sPath)) > 0 Then ' simple check if file exist
                process sPath
            End If
    OpenDesignFile sCurrentFile, False   ' reopen the previous file
    End Sub
    ' this subroutine openes a dgn for processing
    Sub process(sPath As String)
    Dim oDgn As DesignFile
        Set oDgn = OpenDesignFile(sPath, False)
        ' Here the steps to be executed for each DGN file
    End Sub

    This is just one possible approach how this could be done.
    To improve the performance it might be possible to use the method OpenDesignFileForProgram instead of OpenDesignFile.
    But this depends on the steps required for each DGN file. Please see the VBA help for details,

    I  would suggest to post Programming related questions in one of the Programming Communities 

    I hope this helps?

    Best regards,