share organization standards between AECOsim Connect and Microstation Connect ?

Please could you explain - if this is possible- how can you share your organization standards between AECOsim CONNECT and Microstation CONNECT ?

I have a networked drive with the MS CONNECT workspaces (Organization, Workspaces containing Worksets).

But it is a total mess if you mix with AECOsim. Where do you put shared Datasets ? What about the dgnlibs: the have different names (levels*.dgnlib, DisplayStyles*.dgn,...for AECOSIM, not for MS).

My goal is quite simple: I want to share a single Workspace and a single Workset along with an Organization folder, all set on a networked drive.

All MS CONNECT seats and all AECOsim seats must share the same dgnlibs: levels, textstyle, dimstyles, display styles,keyboard shortcuts, custom ribbons,.... almost everything

I installed MS connect and AECOsim connect with custom configuration option pointing to my shared drive, but clearly this is not enough (but it should be).



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