How to add Item to Element Template

MicroStation Update 11

I have created some Items in an Items dgnlib which makes them visible and usable by everyone, but how can I attach an Item to an element template so that the Item is attached to every element drawn using that element template.

When in the Element Template dgnlib I right mouse to add the Item, there is no Items to select from. I can see the Items in the Item Types dialog but nothing in the dropdown Add list.

What have I done wrong?

I have found that if the Items are stored in the element template dgnlib you can add them, is this where they should be located?



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    John Davidson

  • Hi John,

    I think it's more MicroStation question than issue to be discussed here in AECOsim forum.

    It has been discussed several times in the past already. Did you search forums for similar discussions?

    What have I done wrong?

    I think both Element Template and Item Type Library have to defined in the same dgnlib. Do you have them in the same or separate files?

    I tried it in MicroStation CE Update 11 and when dgnlib is placed in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\<workspace>\WorkSets\<worset>\Standards\Dgnlib\, Item Type Library content is displayed in Element Template menu.

    Also be aware you have to set on Element Template Association switch to be item type attached to created element. To choose the template only is not enough.

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