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HI there,

I'm new to AECOsim. I have started my journey some day ago. Initially, I have stuck with the concept or catalogue, family, part, and items. I can get how elements are grouped here in AECOsim. Could anyone please help me by example. 

For example in Revit, we have Category, Family, type, and instance. How could we define these things in AECOsim?

For example a double panel window or door. How to categories it ?

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  • Hi Usman,

    Just some headlines which may help steer you in the right direction through our documentation:

    The Catalog contains Items which have DataGroup properties. You can create new Catalog Items and new (or custom) DataGroup properties to apply to Catalog Items. The Properties are populated by Definitions, you can also create your own definitions when needed, although it it always worth looking for existing properties and definitions first!

    Family and parts provide the symbology for modelling and drawing production (they do have some residual quantification and other functions which some users still make use of, but these are almost all superseded by the functionality in the Catalog).

    Which version are you using? We can direct you to some appropriate learning materials.

    We do have a course directly aimed at the transition from Revit, you can find this through CONNECT Advisor. Open this inside AECOsim, enter revit as the search term and you should find the "AECOsim Building Designer 3D and BIM Essentials for Revit Users course listed near the top of the list (2nd in my case):



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