user pref file


how to make my personal.ucf is written in the same directory as my personal...UPF (on the network)

I've created:

_USTN_HOMEROOT                     =     $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)USERS/$(USERNAME)/$(computername)/

_USTN_LocalUserAppDataPath         =  $(_USTN_HOMEROOT)/

but still the personal.ucf is written to:

C:\.....\AppData\Local\Bentley\OpenBuildingsDesigner\10.0.0\prefs  (on the computer where OBD is installed)

what other variable do I have to change too



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  • Hi, Marc

    We in the company all store the preferences on the server, as we use different machines for drawing it is interesting to store the settings in one directory on the server. So if we change machine, we can save a copy of the preference directory. It is important to have a separate directory per machine because versions or preferences can be different from one machine to an other. 

  • Hi Rik,

    Thanks for the additional information. That is a familiar scenario, well managed and with good network speeds it should work happily.



  • so..... it would be nice to haven control about the personal.ucf

  • Hi Rik,

    To change the location of all user preferences files including the UCF try the following:

    1. Create prefs folder in desired location containing a .UCF file, it can be empty or pre-populated. For example:
    2. Add the following configuration statements to WorkSpaceSetup.cfg:

      %undef _USTN_USERCFG
      _USTN_USERCFG = $(_USTN_HOMEPREFS)/Personal.ucf
      _USTN_HOMEROOT = D:/OBD_User/

    The reason for using WorkSpaceSetup.cfg is that file is in the Custom Configuration so Bentley's system files are not modified. The %undef _USTN_USERCFG statement is essential to clear the default value.

    Obviously choose your own paths.

    As previously mentioned we strongly recommend that user preferences are stored on the local drive and that relocation of preferences files is carried out with the support of IT systems that synchronize the local instance with a server copy, Windows Virtual Profiles for instance.



  • Marc, can you confirm that the ability to set paths for all user files has been reinstated? This was an issue raised way back in beta testing. While we do run our files locally, we store them in a custom location that we have access to (don't you love It groups). With the use of our hta files in the build, each time you close the hta files the users files are then copied to the network. Gives us access to them and still gives users the ability to have their user files follow them to different machines.