user pref file


how to make my personal.ucf is written in the same directory as my personal...UPF (on the network)

I've created:

_USTN_HOMEROOT                     =     $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)USERS/$(USERNAME)/$(computername)/

_USTN_LocalUserAppDataPath         =  $(_USTN_HOMEROOT)/

but still the personal.ucf is written to:

C:\.....\AppData\Local\Bentley\OpenBuildingsDesigner\10.0.0\prefs  (on the computer where OBD is installed)

what other variable do I have to change too



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  • Sean,

    The configuration sequence is such that _USTN_USERCFG is defined early on in the system configuration files. We have been maximising the separation between system and user editable CFGs so that all user configuration takes place after "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBuildings CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ConfigurationSetup.cfg", this is why the %undef is required.

    There are ongoing discussions on this topic but I doubt if we will see significant change in the immediate future. Any changes that we make to the initial start up system CFGs, msconfig.cfg for instance, have to work with all of the other applications based on the (MicroStation) Power Platform so cannot be made lightly.


  • Marc, in the past the ucf location was set, but we could always change it at other levels. I agree that there are issues with what a user can change, but IMO this one is the least of the problems and one more the domain of the admins. Now the config is locked, not ideal, but at least it can be undefined. 

    The whole reason I use the cascaded cfg's is to keep users from being able to make changes. I can set variables at any level (company, site, project.client) and then lock them before the users can do any damage.

  • Sean, I'm completely with you on this.

    The previous situation was that this config could be redefined by modifying mslocal.cfg or other files in the system folders. This required good understanding of the configuration syntax and often complex use of that syntax. A large portion of our user base lacks that understanding or has not interest in learning it so we are working towards user-friendly solutions while doing our best to ensure that the more complex environments and knowledgeable people like you are still able to tune and protect their systems.

    One of the objectives of the CE configuration changes is to have a clear distinction between what is installed with the application which should be left alone and the user's configuration that can be customised as required and protected appropriately. In terms of your approach essentially what has changed is the point at which your hta files start to take effect.