[OBD U5] stfplace tool setting dialog

Just wondering if I can have a separate tool setting dialog for the stfplace commands (column, beams etc.) rather than as a ribbon? I have my ribbon in compact mode, I access to my required tools through toolbars. Everytime I place something that involve the Placement ribbon, I have to click on the ribbon to get to the settings. 

Best regards,

Tuan Le

  • Tuan,

    We found a defect in the ribbon where it's not behaving correctly in compact mode. It should be switching to the contextual tab so you don't need to click on that tab manually. It's supposed to switch to that ribbon tab whenever you launch a command that uses it and return you to the previous tab when you reset.

    As time goes on, I would expect to see more placement options in the ribbon, not in a separate dialog.

  • Can I submit a change request to have tool settings stays in structural property panel? I just can't understand why we need 3 different places for tool settings. 

    Can you please share the defect number? so that I can submit a SR to track it. 

    Also to clarify, the ribbon does switch to Placement ribbon, however, because it is in compact mode, I have to manually expand it to get to my settings. The fact that I have to refer to the ribbon for placement settings is already a massive time waster. 

  • Hi Tuan,

    You can submit an Enhancement request via an SR, but I don't believe there are any plans to move away from the contextual ribbon. 

    In regards to the defect that Tom was referring to, if you file an SR for that support can work with Tom to track down that defect number and link the two together.

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