AECOsim / OpenBuildings Connect - Catalog cells coming in at wrong scale


We are having an issue when inserting steel beams / columns / railings from the catalog. They come in at the wrong scale - they are coming in at 100x smaller than the dimensions of the item. For example, a 400x200 RHS comes in 2mm wide. The walls, doors, windows, ducts etc are not affected and come in at the correct size. An image is attached showing the difference.

The issue happens only on certain files which have been created from a seed file. The seed was updated a week ago when the issue first started so we believe it may be an issue that was created then. The issue only happens on certain PCs when using this seed file. Some PCs have the issue intermittently, with no clear pattern to what we are fixing to resolve it. We can amend the seed file settings - but don't want to replace it completely.

We have a Workset set up on a Network Drive where the catalog is stored, which should be shared across all PCs we're testing.

Are there any configuration settings / file specific settings we should be reviewing to resolve this?

AECOsim Connect Version Edition Update 4 - Version