How to change units in an US template

Hi All,

I am new to Bentley software's, so i need some help.

I downloaded Aecosim connect, unfortunately (for me) I can't change the units since the template is US ones.

Anyone know how to do it in a way it stay permanent? Or where i can find and download an UK/EU (metric) ones?




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  • Hi Massimo,

    I would suggest to use the latest available release build which is known as 'OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition - Update 5'

    But for time being , you can modify installer through command prompt, On installer window go to "Configure" button got to 'Next' button select , Neutral Metric [NM] [OR any other as country specific dataset available there as per your requirement] , click on 'Done', you will get it installed. Once done you should launch OBD, and select workspace = Building_Examples and Select workset = BuildingTemplate_NM.