[OpenBuildings U5] Fence Copy extremely slow

Trying to copy Fence contents is very slow in OBD comparing to v8i.

For example this attached file elements can be copied almost instantly using manipulate fence copy tool in v8i but takes 10minutes(yes minutes) in CONNECT. 



  • Seriously? This is the reply I got to the service ticket. If I were end-user this answer would drive me crazy. 64-bit platform and we should accept it is slower than v8i. How this Update 5 even got to production if basic tools doesn't work.

    I have gone through your file and I observed the hatch pattern (see the attached image) is made from single lines and when we use manipulation tools it takes a lot of time in processing because application reads every individual line which slows down the process. I have done testing compressing the file but the results were same- the process was slow. Whereas in a new file the Fence manipulation tools are working smoothly. So the manipulation process will be quick if you change small lines by using the hatch pattern.
  • The defect has been raised for this issue. 


    Swati Nagre

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