Attaching Global Unique Identifiers (GUID) to objects


I am adding instance data to my 3d modelled objects in AECOsim Building Designer (Structural). The objects are modelled by me and are not AECOsim objects from its library.

I have a few objects in my model that are not in the instance data catalogue so I cannot pick anthing from the catalogue.

All I want to do is attach to the objects a GUID and don't really need any extra properties coming through. Just the GUID number.

Does anyone know how to do this?



  • Hi Mark,

    Are you referring to the element's existing GUID and thru the DataGroup System?   Also, can you elaborate what you need to achieve by having the GUID available?

  • Hi Steve

    Firstly, apologies for my lack of knowledge on this subject, but I will try to explain a bit better. I don't know much about the data group functions.

    I need to add GUID tags to items so that a third party team can assign Product Data Templates etc in an Asset Management System (Maximo) to the GUID.

    I noticed if you use an AECOsim library object and check the properties you will get a whole host of properties of the object including a GUID tag.

    If I model objects myself, lets say a kiosk, I can add instance data to that. I would select the kiosk and then add instance data, look for the catalogue item in the catalogue group, in which there is a kiosk in the Architectural group. Now that kiosk is tagged with a GUID. 

    However lots of my items inside the kiosk I have modelled myself and are not library items from AECOsim. Also there is no match for them in the catalogue groups. I have items I need to tag like motor started control panel and incoming supply panel. We dont need all the associated properties with these items but I do need to assign a GUID to them.

    Would you know how to do that? Any help much appreciated.



  • Mark,

    You can create a new catalog type with just one property, create catalog items [Ex. Kiosk -> K1], and attach this catalog as an instance data to your objects. You can create schedule just to see only GUID by hooking schedule property 'Guid'. Not sure if you are looking for the same ? 

    See image




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