A Guardrail problem after upgrading the OBD CE version

There are a Guardrail problem after upgrading the OBD CE version,I have raised this problem before, but I didn't get a satisfactory reply. At first, I thought it was a defect of OBD CE U5, but after I upgraded to OBD CE U6, the problem still exists. I think it's a new function, but I don't know how to deal with it,

  In OBD CE U5 and OBD CE U6, guardrail tools are used to design guardrail. No projection line of guardrail appears at the bottom of guardrail designed by Chinese standard database, American database or European database. See Figure 1, 2, 3 for details;

However, if you open it with other Bentley software, such as PS CE U3 or OPM CE U5, the following projection lines will appear. See the figure below for details. The first, second and third are OPM CE U5 open, the fourth is PS CE U3 open, and the bottom projection lines will appear,

In general, we design with OBD software and process with OPM for general assembly. Therefore, we are not willing to see lines such as guardrail projection lines in the general assembly model. How to modify or set them in OBD and how to avoid such projection lines in OPM and PS is what I need to know urgently. Who can provide me with help in this respect? I will be very grateful

Thanks very much!