Change Curtail Wall Height

Hello good OpenBuildings community,

I have a question for you,

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to modify the height of a curtain wall that has already been created in OpenBuildings.

Does anyone knows how to do this?



  • Hi Rafael.

    You can make the changes from the Schedules tab. Please have a look at this video and let me know if this helps.


    Answer Verified By: Rafael Bombardiere Carvajal 

  • In addition to the schedules, there are special points at the four corners of the curtain wall.

    If you click directly on one of the two top corners, you get a mini-toolbar that lets you move the top point of the curtain wall, changing its height.

    If you click on one of the two bottom corners, you can change its length.

    Answer Verified By: Rafael Bombardiere Carvajal