Named Groups in an Attached Reference

Hello guys,

When i create a saved view and then use Named Group to show specific elements in the view, some thing weird is happening when i reference it.

After referencing it and choosing the name of the group in the Attaching Properties, the view does not show in the file i referenced it to unless i go back to the settings of the reference and change the Named Group into nothing and accept it. Then go back again and change it to the correct group name.

This should be done every time i open the file in order to see the reference.

Any one have faced such a problem before? If yes, please let me know how did u manage to fix it.

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  • Hussein,

    We have the same issue (actually i've had this issue for years but I was hopping they would fix it with CE.  I've prepped the following example so that maybe the folks at Bentley can fix it.  I have users who refuse to use dynamic views and process EVE's to make drawings because this frustrates them to much.

    Below is the same view placed with (6) different conditions the right column is all cached the left column is all dynamic.

    The Red, Green and Blue objects exist in a reference the yellow cylinder is in the model space the dynamic view has come from.

    I close the file and re-open it to the following...

    As you can see the green cylinder (named group "Cylinder") disappears the yellow cylinder (named group "Cylinder2") which is part of the file remains the same.

    The correction is very time consuming when a detail has 20+ views on a drawing one at a time you have to target the reference toggle the named group to "none" accept then re-open it and re-activate the named group.

    Now the file is fixed so long as i don't un-cache the other offending reference.

    I've attached the (2) files used to create this example for testing by others.

    Model File.dgnDrawing File.dgn

    Software Background.

    This was/is an issue in Microstation V8i SS3 and SS4 also an issue in ABD V8i SS6

    This is currently an issue in OBD-U6 (and all prev. updates) which is currently built from Microstation U13.1

    I do not presently have access to a license of standard Microstation to test it directly but given the op's comments i would guess it's the same issue given it was always a problem in v8i.

    It was bearable in v8i because it was possible to toggle the named group to none and then undo that action to re-set the named group back and it would fix it with much less effort.  Also 90% of my office wasn't using dynamic views.  Now we're trying to convert all the holdouts to dynamic views over traditional EVE's with the move to CE.  Sadly issues like this don't help my argument.


  • Hi Grant,

    I have checked out your files. The issue seems reproducible at my end, but with your files only. I have here created a named group and used it in a DV in a different file at my end. However, I was not able to reproduce the issue in that file in Update 6 ( You can check the following video for reference. Please let me know if I am not following the correct workflow to create the DVs in which the issue might occur.

    Click here to play this video



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