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Hi all

I'm fairly new to Openbuildings connect version 5 and I was wondering what the general rule is with modelling, if you could provide feedback that would be great.

is it best to model your steel structure at 0,0,0 and square ACS to the view, then if you want to share the model with the mechanical design team, create a reference of your steel model and move it to the correct world co-ordinates.

I've modeled a steel structure in real world location but have trouble creating the rules, some members appear, some don't, I think the model is located outside the desired working envelope of OBD and doesn't like it, as I then have moved the model to 0,0 and the 2D rule of the platform output looks ok.

I've also found when you model columns that are in correct world orientation when you come to modify the ends the column they seem to rotate, obviously it doesn't happen if the column is modeled on a square ACS axis and modified



  • Hey Steve, hope things are well mate.

    It would be worth doing a search on the forum as there was a discussion on Global Design Plane in Connect that may help. I'm not using Connect as yet so can't give you more info here as yet.

    In V8i, I would rename the global origin so we could still model real world, never had any issues.

    When it comes to columns, unless they have been modelled using 'interactive' rotation or using a set angle you will end up with issues. If users have manually rotated the columns to set the angle then you'll find that they rotate on their own if modifying the member end or using fence stretch.

    Feel free to flick me a message if you need anything else, happy to help.

  • Thanks Sean, hope you are well and keeping busy

  • Hi Steve,

    First, yes please model near 0,0,0 then use geo-referencing to put it in real world coordinates using the techniques described in the blogs linked by Dominic. I'm reviewing these documents at the moment seeking to further simplify the processes.

    What application(s) are your mechanical team using?

    I think we've fixed some issues with column rotation recently, do the moves shown in this video help?