OBD U4 Dynamic Views - View Flags

1. Generate DV in 3d model, Filled Visible Edges, Dynamic.

2. Mstn opens up the Drawing model. And the blue 'fill' is there. So far, so good.

3. Level On/Off works. Great!

4. Fill View Flag works for elements in the active model but NOT for the DV Ref attachment :-(

Fill is one of those attributes that is pretty important for getting presentable drawings out of DV's. It would be good to enable the View Flags for the fill in the Filled Visible Edge Display Style.

Stopgap: if a particular View Flag is not applicable to a Display Style it should be greyed out to minimise user frustration.

Other View Flags that would be great to have active: line weights, line styles, transparency... and I think patterns (I haven't tried this yet).

Level Overrides seem to work for colour, line styles and line weights... but not transparency. Again this would be a potent step forward for drawing quality.

I am told that there are also problems with getting the Level Overrides settings to persist.. not sure.. it may be to do with elements without F+P assigned... which would mean they get assigned proxy levels during the DV process? Might look into this later.