OBD CE U4 Dynamic Views - Transparent Glass Fill

1. Closest solution is to use Shaded Render Mode. The glazing fill was initially grey and not honouring the Material settings. Toggling the Material Overiddes seemed to solve this. The Wall's appearance is also bleached out using the Ignore Lighting setting... probably not very robust for getting a linework on white background look.

2. It would be great to enhance Visible Edges Filled Render Mode to include Materials, Pattern Maps and Shadows for the fills. Transparency either omits the glazing altogether when the Threshold setting is lower than the glazing material's opacity or makes the glazing totally opaque. This makes it pretty unusable for drawings.

3. Finding the best Display Style was a bit of a task. It would be great if the Dialog would provide a grid view of the settings in each DS. You really want to discourage users from generating new ones because its easier than clicking through all of them, which is what is happening with the existing UI.