sheet - drawing-view presentation


I have a drawing view (separate dgn file) - added some extra reference files ( dynamic)
a few edit's are made to the compaction saved view in the design file
now I want to make a sheet from this DV

If I reference the DV  (dgn-file) to the sheet, it looks like the DV got  cached and doesn't have the same visible edges as in the dynamic view

if I change presentation setting in de DV (picture left)  to cached, the view looks like the sheet (right)

the dashed lines (sheet) are from a back ( clip volume settings) view
in the sheet, I have NO control about the levels for this view (in none of the synchronize settings)
I've tried to change the synchronize settings, but no result

haw to see the exact view from the DV in my seed

also tried to make a saved view in the DV-file, but the same scenario happens, the view changed to cached in the sheet

why is the dynamic and the cashed view different in the DV-file   - "dynamic " is what the companion saved view  in the design defines, the cached is an previous version of the saved view
is there somewhere a hidden cash for created DV what brings this trouble: haw to safe-edit de saved view in the design file. (clear cash)

regards Rik