Load/unload structural sections


I have problem with loading and unloading my structural settings. I've tried to keyin:

tfsecmgr unload "P:\Proj19\19192 Mimer, Borlänge\3 Projektering\K\Support\Standards\Data\WorkSetShapes.xml"
tfsecmgr unload P:\Proj19\19192 Mimer, Borlänge\3 Projektering\K\Support\Standards\Data\WorkSetShapes.xml
tfsecmgr unload worksetshapes.xml
tfsecmgr unload "worksetshapes.xml"

But none of them seems to help. That file read in from the configuration variable "section_shapes" and from this document, I've understood that "tfsecmgr reload" won't work in that case?


The keyin "tfsecmgr autoupgrade" seems to only reload one section-file, the svensk.xml. Guess it's the first alphabetically since dataset goes before organization?

Any ideas on how to update my sections without restarting the program?