“read-only” format in new files

When OBD opens to create a new file, the new file will be displayed in read-only format,Reopening is not a read-only format. How to set it to solve this problem?

  • Hi Ruan,

    I would request you to please mention the version of the software you are currently using, Is this happening within ProjectWise? I guess the file is on a shared drive on a server on your network somewhere?

    Have you rebooted the server?, I would suggest a reboot and that should clear the file for use.

    If it's outside ProjectWise, File can be opened with specific model using command line switches as shown below. [There should not be any space after -m and model name]

    "C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenBuildings CONNECT Edition\OpenBuildingsDesigner\OpenBuildingsDesigner.exe" D:\Empty.dgn -mTEST

    Please let us know.