Curtain Wall Tool: Paramteric Cell + Named Presentations Compatibility?

Curtain Walls are coming along very well. I can see this tool being used quite a bit.

Great to note that there is now the option to use Parametric Cells for the panels.

Going forward, it would be great to be able to also define a Parametric Cell for the mullions / transoms as well.

I understand that Parametric Cells would be able to leverage the new Named Presentations functionality, replacing Compound Cells. This will allow the user to get a higher LOD, more detailed representation of the mullions, jambs. sills etc for the drawings. Things like hatches/fills for the different materials, details like cappings etc would not really be required in 3d or when developing the overall design but will be great to have automatically generated for the drawing output. Embellishing miles of the stuff for an office tower project -for example- would be tedious and expensive.

  • Hi Dominic,

    It would be a good idea to raise a new Service Request and enhancement can be filed accordingly.

  • Dominic

    Further expanding parametric cells inside the curtain wall is definitely on the radar (as well as throughout OBD). We're working closely with the Platform group on enhancements for just that purpose.

    Can you do me a huge favor... when you file these requests, could you break them into use cases? A more technology-focused request like "add support for parametric cells in mullions" might not do what you wanted. 

    Just to break your post into an example, one SR for "show hatches inside mullions" and another for  "add material caps to mullions" helps a lot. That way we can make sure what we come up with fits what you want to use them for.