BIM library connection? … and more - what is the future ?


i want just now how Bentley Aeco sim is updated - i mean it works with some modern library like this ?  ?

Is there any direct plug-ins to Bentley Microstation or AECO ? Long time ago was Hermann Miller or Steelcase as i remember.

Sketchup have own library Warehouse. We have still only old 3d cells with furnitures from year 2000.

Ok, let's stay with 3ds library files but is possible to show only edges without inside mesh ? Maybe its a deal to simplify mesh to looks like solids ? Fast and clear.

Same story for visuals -  many softwares have for example live plug-in to Lumion 10. Archicad, Autocad, Sketchup etc.

I now - Lumen RT - but the quality of Lumen RT render is about year 2005 - it's worst than normal Raytrayce from Microstation

Not using modern graphic cards etc.

Is the future coming in this case or not ? 

All is moving very fast  , VR , Mixed Reality and we still have Lumen RT and talking about Vue      

Of course i see that Bentley i love is growing but is this right way or not ?   I mean that all is going to more touch, interaction, creativity, great looking...

I am very interesting about this.

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