AECOsim Black Objects Printing Grey

AECOsim Building Designer SS6. Version -

Hi All,

The areas highlighted in the image below are black objects and texts printing (using AECOsim directory pdf.cfg) in grey color and i really cannot explain why?

Before you make any suggestions, i would like to make you aware of the following:

-  This abnormalities is only experience in two only  2 of my AECOsim files. The rest files print okay so i assume its a file specific problem.

-  but whenever i open these 2 files in Microstataion SS3 ( and make a print (using Microstation directory pdf.cfg) , everything comes out well as expected.

-  Since they print well in Microstation, each time i am attempting to print them in AECOsim, i borrow the pdf.cfg in Microstation directory instead and still no joy 

-  i don't use overrides

So guys, i am just a bit confused on how to troubleshoot this

I welcome all you suggestions

Thank you