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Hi All,

The total height of the stair shown below is 5000mm from ground level to the topmost landing. It has a short straight run (roughly 1000mm height) with a landing and continues a half turn with three landings to the top. 

Can anyone please send me a very quick video demonstration on how i can model all the flight of this steel stairs in one sweep or in parts. Please no handrails, columns, beams or braces....just the stair carcass is enough.


I would really much appreciate your help on this one

Thank you


  • I don't think this can be achieved in one go, we need to break the entire stair model into three parts, a quarter turn stair, a half turn stair and the landing between them can be modelled separately.

    Can you provide the height of each of the landings?

  • Hi Tathagata,

    A slight correction please, the total stair height is actually 5800mm and each riser is 200mm high across. From the natural ground level, first landing height is 1000mm, second landing height is 2600mm, Third  landing height is 4200mm and Final landing height is 5800mm. Datagroup stair type is "S-G23-StairsSteelOpen+EdgeStringers"

    IF you construct the stairs in three parts, is it possible to merge the "stringers" so they appear continous. 

    i would really appreciate a very short video if you don't mind as this would really help me

    i look forward to hearing from you

    thanks for your help

  • Hi Henry,

    Sure, see if this helps.

  • Hi Steve,

    Goodstuff! i really appreciate your brief video demonstration. Meanwhile, when i apply this same steps for "uk/Rectangular Tubes" e.g 50x150x5, it doesn't apply the hollow thickness for the tube. Does it work for you?

  • Hi Henry,

    Ah, I see.   I think inputting custom sizes only applies to solid rectangular and round sections.  That might explain it.

    Question - do you have any plans to upgrade to CONNECT Edition?   The next update includes a number of structural enhancements, including the ability to add custom sections ala ProStructures.

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback. As time is not really on my side, i guess i will just have to improvise with the rectangular sections for now.

    Yes, we definitely have plans of migrating to CONNECT EDITION when all CAD workstations within have been successfully migrated to Windows 10 and the timeline for its completion is about early next year. so, the upgrade on the long run is inevitable.

  • Hi Henry,

    You are quite welcome.    And it's good to hear that CONNECT Edition is in your upgrade plans.   Update 7 will include many changes specific to Structural design and even in stairs themselves (like adding landings).  The future Update 8 and beyond will just continue to improve and enhance that work.     

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