Steel Column Schedule

When I try to create a Steel Column Schedule in OpenBuildings Designer v I receive the error message stating (Column Schedules: Failed to locate drawing seed "Steel Column Schedule"). In the Graphical Column Schedule Settings dialog box it seems to be reading the drawing seeds in the DrawingSeed_GraphicalSchedules.dgnlib. Am I missing a configuration variable? or is this a bug in CONNECT Edition?

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    This is the variable that I have in the workset.cfg. I copied the DrawingSeed_GraphicalSchedules.dgnlib from the Dataset_US/Dgnlib folder into my workset/dgnlib folder and renamed with a prefix.

    For some reason the Steel Column Schedule will not work if that file is renamed. I retraced my steps and discovered that if I leave the file name as DrawingSeed_GraphicalSchedules.dgnlib the Steel Column Schedule command will work but if I change the name of that file then I still receive the same error. 

    Answer Verified By: Steve Cocchi