Exporting a schedule to an Excel spreadsheet

I am having trouble when trying to export a schedule to a multi-sheet spreadsheet.

I have no trouble exporting to a Workbook which has only one Worksheet, however if I try to export to a Workbook that has multiple Worksheets it throws an error.

The problem appears to be that the export only works if the appropriate Worksheet is the currently active sheet.

e.g. Assume If I have a Workbook with WorkSheet 1 and WorkSheet 2, and WorkSheet 1 is active.

If my Excel Export option is set to WorkSheet 2 then the export does not happen, it just throws an error.

The code is not setting the correct Worksheet prior to trying to export the data.

I need this to work so that all my quantities are held in a single Workbook, because at the moment I have to use multiple Workbooks to get the information out.

OBD Export options are shown below:

The problem occurs whether I use a Custom sheet name or just use Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc.

I am using OpenBuildings Designer Update 6 - version