OBD U7 - Structural Changes

All the latest changes do for me is confirm, once and for all, that we need a single point solution for structural modelling that all the developers attention can be put into. 

We need a lot more functionality for connection modelling without the need to shop drawings. Maybe split the package into modelling with an extra cost for full shop detailing. 

Either way, the current additions are somewhat disappointing.


  • Bear,

    I really appreciate you taking the time to try it out and give us feedback..

    OpenBuildings Designer Update 7 was meant to be a step toward having a single point for structural development.

    Getting the two products integrated, so OpenBuildings Designer could place ProStructures element and ProStructures could read them as its own, was remarkably complicated and time consuming, so this first release is just the starting point. This will let OBD inherit future improvements to ProStructures (or potentially the other way around as well). While it was a huge technical change, I also realize there's not a lot of visible enhancements. 

  • I've intentionally avoided having too much to do with Connect, but this sort of release feels typical of what we've had with Connect so far. We now have another way to model steelwork that is different to what has been in OBD in the past. All this does is add confusion rather fix any issues. We now have a mix of products and a confusion of what's still usable and what isn't.

    Personally, I'd like to see this sort of thing go to beta and do it right than rush this soft of a release.

    Frustrating trying to work through what works, what doesn't and what else needs to be worked through for a Connect build.

    As for moving forward, it would be nice to see a discussion on what are the best bits from each modelling package and what works best going forward.