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is it possible to export clashes detection result to BCF file ?


  • No, the only export options available from the Clash Detection tool are Excel/CSV and GPS. 

  • BCF is an open format for issue management. It saves both the viewpoint (camera angle, section planes) as well as visible/hidden items. At the same time it can add information like labels and comments. Assign to a person, ...

    The huge benefit of using an issue manager (or BCF manager) is to keep track of open/closed issues. Set deadlines and assign issues to specific people to answer.

    It is mainly used in BIM (coordination) based on IFC format. There are many viewers, like Solibri or BIMCollab Zoom, that include some sort of Issue Management. Even Navisworks has such a feature in combination with BIM360/ACC (not BCF compatible).

    The main benefit in my opinion of such an open format is that it can work across multiple platforms. The modeller can use the BCF manager from their application (in case of Revit, Tekla, Allplan, Archicad, ...) while the person doing coordination can use a different application (Navisworks, Solibri, BIMCollab Zoom, ...). Stakeholders like designers or clients can use a (free) easy-to-use application (IFC viewer) to also check the model and make their remarks or answer the questions that are asked.

    In my opinion BCF should always be used in combination with IFC exchange. It could work on DWG as well I guess. The most important thing is that all applications/models use the same origin coordinate. Otherwise those camera angles will be useless.

    With OBD two very useful workflows can be thought of using BCF:

    • Either OBD is the modelling application, then IFC is exported for coordination purposes. The person doing the coordination uses a 3rd party application, makes their remarks and assigns them to the OBD user. Then this person can simply navigate through the issues that need to be resolved and make the changes in OBD. Then export IFC again an the next iteration starts;
    • Or OBD is used for coordination purposes (like the original topic starter). It loads IFC, DWG or other compatible models that are created either with Bentley or 3rd party applications. Clash detection is performed, issues are created and assigned to those 3rd party people. They can open the BCF issues in their own application and easily see what needs to be adapted.
  • If there are more than one really good free viewers i would support that route.

    My solution is more of a quick and dirty hack. But perhaps is faster to implement?

    regards /Thomas Voghera

  • There are many free IFC viewers. Most of them good to very good!

    The thing is that such BCF managers (those that are cloud based) are not free. They cost a bit (5-10 euro /user/month) but in my opinion more than worth it.

    BCF can also be used as an "offline" file format. But that's not really ideal in my opinion. Consider a team of only 5 people all sending back and forth those files that you'd have to import each time. Changes are too big for messing up.

    Concerning implementation in MS/OBD, I have no idea what would be quicker. If it's only a matter of exporting viewpoints it will probably be easier to implement that for DWG or 3D PDF if those file formats support such thing. But when you consider the bidirectional possibilities for other users to send back their comments or their own views I don't think it will be possible with such workflow. This is also why I suggested in the MS Idea to work together with an existing platform like BIMCollab who have done such implementations already for many other BIM software.

  • It was the BCF-viewer I meant. Small coins often topple big things.

    It seems Saved Views appears as Named Views in dwg - which is interesting.

    Drawback is that the Saved View doesn't pick up the highliting of the elements.

    Printing to 3d-pdf also only pick highliting of 'active' clash.

    regards /Thomas Voghera

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