List of issues with OBD Update 7

I have been looking at updating from SS6 to CE for over 2 years now - this is my first week of using it live.

Item 1 is critical - This error has only started being a problem today - could it be related to the recent Windows 10 version 2004 update??

I have put in a SR for the following items, but would appreciate it if anyone here can help - I understand some of this can likely be fixed via config settings!?

Item 1:

OBD crashes when I select a PDF raster image that is in a nested DGN - Every. Single. Time.

When I select the same raster image in a non-nested DGN is does not crash.

Item 2:

When OBD crashes it offers a report error window to send info back to Bentley - when I fill this out it also crashes!

Item 3:

Change pattern tool does not work - if a pattern loses association and I use "Change Pattern" and try to "re-flood", it does nothing, the pattern remains dis-associated.

Item 4:

CTRL+L is the tool tip for "Bring to Front" - this is incorrect. CTRL+L will instead lock elements.

Item 5:

When placing a cell there is no longer an option to place as "relative" like there was in SS6.

Item 6:

There is no option to "pull out" tools from the ribbon menu - please add it.

Item 7:

Some tools are only available in the ribbon menu - eg the tools for "welding symbol" and "edit symbol" are not available in any toolbar that I can find - I don't like the ribbon menu - please make ALL tools available via toolbars. I understand how to make custom tools and have done so for this particular MDL app, but surely all the tools in the Ribbon should be available in the standard tool bars??

Item 8:

Place text along an element is broken - instead text is placed "on" the element, not along it (above it) - also, when you rotate elements with text placed along it, the text does not move correctly with the associated point on the element like it did in SS6 - please fix it.

Item 9:

When placing leader notes - the check box for "in-line leader" and drop-down options for "text frame" are no longer available - these can only be accessed by opening the dimension styles dialog - I find this more time consuming.

Item 10:

When placing text - if you update your active attributes after the text editor is open, the text attributes do not update to match the active attributes. I have to place the text then update it manually.

Text tools in item 8, 9 & 10 have gotten worse in my opinion, they are CLUNKY to operate.

Item 11:

PS_* and PC_* level names cannot be deleted - they are not stored in dgnlibs but are part of prostructures 'options menu' - there needs to be an option to DELETE or TURN OFF these levels.

Item 12:

The "floor selector" toolbar keeps coming back after i turn it off and re-open any file. When I turn off a toolbar I expect it to remain OFF!