Performance really slow placing Structural Elements - OBD Update 7

It appears that with every update the performance just keeps getting worse. I realize that features are continually getting added but at what cost? There is no point adding all these tools like PS integration if it compromises performance, saying that before update 7 performance was really poor anyway. I am using the delivered BuildingTemplate_AU WorkSpace and WorkSet and running from the default installation on the C drive.

For example, when using the Structural Elements there is about a 10 second lag by the time I select the Steel Beam tool until I can place a beam in the model. Once I place a beam I can continue placing beams without much delay but when I deselect or go to place a column there is another 10-second lag. This makes my job impossible, how can I firstly recommend using OBD and then get guys to use the product when it is this slow?

Any suggestion on how to improve performance? 

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  • I'm not sure if this is Prostructure related but ever since the OBD Update 7, I have been getting serious lag in some cases.

    I have been seeing 10+ sec lag to perform normal operations such as selecting an element, drawing a simple line, etc...I can't seem to be able to put my finger on the cause other than these behaviors started with Update 7.

    Side note...Operations such as placing a door always needs to load the assembly library first which can take a long time. Is there a way to have this assembly always loaded or ways to speed up these processes?

    Gary Manuel

    OBD Update

    Windows 10 Pro