Automating the use of Label Display in Bentley Facilities Planner

Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to automate the use of the Label Display tool in Bentley Facilities Planner. My goal is to create a script that I could batch run in several files to achieve the mentioned labelling.

I'm using Microstation CONNECT Edition.

I have experience with VBA Macros in Office and LISP in AutoCAD but I'm knew to programming in Microstation so any kind of guidance would be much aprecciated.

Should I use VBA Macros or something else?

How can I find the right commands to automate the use of this tool?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

Allow me to explain a bit further what I want to accomplish.

I wish to create a script to label the rooms of several files according to a template. The general goal is to have each room in each of the files labelled with a room stamp (Microstation Cell/AutoCAD Block) cointaing information of the rooms. This files I will later convert into DWG files.

I have created a script to take text files inside polygons in AutoCAD (AutoLISP) and create the room stamps (AutoCAD Blocks with attributes), but for this I need to import the information for each room via labelling as text objects inside the polygons before DWG conversion.

Once I achieve this I was also thinking about creating the room stamps entirely in BFP to avoid the use of AutoCAD.

What are your thoughts on this? Am I on the right track? Any help would be much aprecciated.