Ribbon Tools Groupings

Like most users, I do not like the ribbon...I especially don't appreciate how the related tools are not grouped  together.

Let's take the Architectural Tab for example, explain to me why Bentley would not group all the door tools together, all the stairs tools together, the wall tools together, etc...

Like in the example drop down below...Why group piping, beam, railing & landing tools together in the same drop down?

I was doing Structural Steel work for over a year probably before I discovered there was a "Modify Member End" tool buried under this pull down, under the architectural tab. It makes no sense?

I don't do piping, ever! why are they mixed in with architectural and structural tools?

I know I can customize the interface, I have customized the Microstation interface since 90s. I would appreciate a wiki on reorganizing individual OBD tools on the ribbon if there is one? 

If it was organized in a more logical way in the first place, it would make using the ribbon a bit more bearable.