Some drawing rule labels are missing

As highlighted below with the red circles, certain structural member labels do not show in the DV plan.

It seams to be sporadic because I can take a column or a beam and copy it sideways several times and and in the DV plan, not all of them will be labelled.

Like out of 10 beams or columns, 2-3 will not have a label. I have tried rebuilding the annotations, turning the rule off and on...nothing works.

I have been using the structural Drawing rules to label columns and beams for years and this is an on-going issue...not just in Update 7 or 8.

  • Hello Gary, 

    Can you please share the file and the rule file that you are using? This is interesting that the issue is sporadic also rebuilding the annotations does not help in this case. Also few questions i need to ask,
    1. while applying the structural rule you are applying the rule to all or specific to any part & family ? 
    2. The elements you are trying to get the labels, are they ProStructure elements or legacy structural elements?