Drawing Rules Architectural - adding label to Wall

I used the Structural Rules to create some labels for structural elements in footprint and top/side view, showing the labels 'Section Name' and 'Custom Label' (showing the ID Number). This work fine.

Now I want something simular for the elements in my custom added Catalog Type '22-S-binnenwanden, primair', which is linked with the 'Place Wall' tool. From these elements I want to show the ID Number and the wall width.

However the Architectural Rule menu doesn't seem to allow me to do this. I can select:

  • Rule Type: Plan Annotation (which is OK);
  • Apply To: 22-S-binnenwanden, primair (which is OK);

But in the 'Annotation' tab, I don't find a way to add these fields (ID Number / Wall Width) I want.

The dropdown menu under 'Cell' is empty too. I assume this comes from the Annotation Tool Settings, but in that one, the custom made Catalog Types don't show either (even 'Walls', which is a standard Catalog Type doesn't show there).

Any help on how to create a simple rule to show these labels to an architectural element?