Access IFC data for a clash control


We received an IFC model from an engineering firm and would like to do a clash control. The problem is that a lot of the pipework is being cast in to the concrete, and so currently running the clash detection gives about 2000 clashes. They have connected IFC information to the model to clarify if it's being cast in or not, but I don't know how to access it in Openbuildings.
This is how it looks in Solibri:

Is there any way to just reference the IFC file, use the "suppress clashes with elements that have a specific property value", to prevent this? Or are there any other suggestions on how to approach this.
Of course I know the easiest answer is to ask the firm to supply the files with either the elements on separate layers or even a separate file, but if possible I would like to do it ourselves to prevent any additional charges.