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Hello Community,

I have one client, and they have a lot of projects and all different building IFC's. And buildings have allways the same reference, and that is 0,0,0. And not the world orientation.

In my environment I created a workspace for my client and worksets for the project.

How can I handle the Floormanager and grids. Because you can create new buildings in floormanager, but how can I handle the grid. Cause I can't create the grid for the new building. It is oriented for one big plant.

Do you have to create Workspaces for the different projects? But I have one  client, and that is my workspace. And when I get another client, I create a workspace for that client.

I work for different clients, and I create WorkSpaces for each client.

Andy Parinussa

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  • You can rotate a grid by three points to any underlying geometry, the angle will be accurate regardless of the angle readout display:

    Click here to play this video

    please refer to the help topic Home > OpenBuildings Designer > Grid Systems. It is quite comprehensive and well illustrated on this topic